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New "variant" from the USAUSFF 
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TCTC Announces 4v4 Brazilian Futbol League
Soccer News: The Catalyst Training Center Debuts 4v4 Indoor Brazilian Fútbol League
The Catalyst Training Center, a soccer-only facility in San Diego that provides specialized training to help players achieve their highest levels, has announced the formation of a new 4v4 Indoor Brazilian Fútbol League for adults. The new league will kick off on Saturday, September 8, and will provide exciting, fast-paced soccer for men’s, women’s and co-ed teams in 18+ and 30+ divisions. Registration will close on September 1, with an early registration discount of $50 for teams that sign up by August 25.
TCTC’s Brazilian Fútbol includes elements of both futsal and arena (indoor) soccer. The game is played on a small (20 yd x 30 yd) smooth turf-surface court with open sidelines, similar to futsal. These open sidelines encourage players to focus on ball control and accurate passing, some of the key elements of futsal. Also similar to futsal, the game is played with a small, weighted ball. However, the end lines are boards to keep the ball in play after a shot on goal, as in arena/indoor soccer.
Small-sided games have become more popular among coaches and players alike, for a number of reasons. Playing a small-sided (4v4) game helps players to improve their skills with additional touches on the ball and a constant need to focus on the action on the smaller field. Teams learn to play together more effectively and to concentrate on quick 1- and 2-touch passes to advance the ball. Players also are able to improve both ends of their game with the constant shift between offense and defense. Perhaps most important of all, small-sided games are just plain fun.
In Brazil, small-sided games – particularly futsal – have helped to develop many of the top names in soccer. Brazilian players are noted for their quickness both on and off the ball and the ability to make rapid decisions in crowded spaces. They are also famous for their ball control and creative style of play. TCTC’s 4v4 Indoor Brazilian Fútbol, with its combination of futsal and arena soccer, can help players to develop some of those skills and abilities.
"All of the best players in the world grew up playing small sided soccer,” says San Diego Sockers forward and two-time Professional Arena Soccer League (PASL) MVP Kraig Chiles, “including Mesi, Ronaldinho, and Robinho. Playing 4v4 helps any soccer player take their technical ability to the next level. Less people on the field means more individual touches on the ball. The fast paced play is not only good fitness, but it's a lot of fun too."
Chiles credits much of his own success on both the indoor and outdoor pitch to the small-sided games he grew up playing. In addition to his MVP awards, he is also the PASL’s leading scorer and was the 2011 PASL Playoff MVP. Chiles is also a member of the U.S. Futsal National Team and a leading scorer there as well.
Registration for TCTC’s 4v4 Indoor Brazilian Fútbol is open to both developed teams and individuals wishing to join a team.
TCTC 4v4 Indoor Brazilian Fútbol League
Men’s, women’s and coed divisions for ages 18+ (open) and ages 30+
The cost is $250 per team, or $50 per individual who needs a team
The deposit fee is $100 per team and is due along with the team registration form on or before September 1
A $50 early registration discount will be given to teams who submit full paperwork and payment on or before August 25
Teams will play 7 season games starting September 8 and ending October 27
1st and 2nd place teams will play an 8th game for the championship
3rd and 4th place teams will play an 8th game as a consolation
Game times are on Saturdays from 1:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. (exact schedules will be announced after registration closes)
Game length is two 20-minute halves with a 2-minute halftime break
For more information or to register, visit TCTC Indoor Soccer Leagues or email Matt Couch at TrainAtCatalyst.
The Catalyst Training Center is located at 9586 Distribution Ave., Ste. E, San Diego, CA 92121. TCTC is a full-service soccer facility that provides training for players of all ages and levels of ability. Visit the TCTC website to learn more.
Regresa la intensidad del futsal chapin
La primera jornada del Torneo Apertura 2012 en la categoría mayor del Futsal local inició con buen ritmo, los 10 equipos pisaron la duela del Domo Polideportivo de la zona 13 capitalina, recinto deportivo donde se realizaron los cinco encuentros.
Jornada 1Resultados Apertura 2012  Liga Mayor de Futsal de Guatemala
Alianza 2-3 Kinesiotape
AS Deport 4-6 Padova
Farmacéuticos 3-2 Legendarios Xela
Dynamo 2-6 Aquasistemas
Glucosoral 10-2 Chinautla
Jornada 2Equipo Marcador Equipo
Legendarios  8-5 Chinautla
Padova 3-5 Dynamo
AS Deport P-P Alianza
Kinesiotape 1-2 Farmacéuticos
Glucosoral 4-6 Aquasistemas
Borussia y Paraíso definirán campeón en U 20
  • Partido de ida se realizará en Cartago.
  • Los quintetos de Borussia Futsal y Paraíso Futsal disputarán el título del Campeonato Nacional de la categoría U 20 luego de que este fin de semana consiguieran el boleto a la final tras disputarse los partidos de vuelta de las semifinales.
    El jueves anterior los leones desamparadeños dejaron en el camino a nada más y nada menos que al campeòn defensor, Santísima Trinidad, a quien vencieron siete a tres. En el encuentro de ida los desamparadeños triunfaron uno a seis.
    En la otra semifinal, Paraíso Futsal logró revertir el resultado adverso en el juego de ida en el cual cayó seis a cinco ante Santo Domingo. Loa paraíseños en el juego de vuelta, se alzaron con un triunfo de dos a cero, con el que le bastó para obtener el boleto a la final.
    Los dos últimos encuentros definirán no solo quién será el nuevo campeón de la categoría, sino si los desamparadeños lograrán prolongar un rècord inédito, ser el único equipo en ganar todos los puntos disputados. ¿Se lo permitirá Paraíso?